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Do you love music? Are you interested in electronic music and do want to start some electronic lessons? You are in the right spot. Electronic music has a rich history that can be traced back to the 20th-century musical growth that was defined by a constant search for new technical tools and artistic expression methods. Here at MusiProf, we will provide you with the right Electronic lessons according to your needs and preferences.

Why should I choose MusiProf? 

If you choose MusiProf you will get many advantages and benefits. For example, all the courses and lessons are flexible and tailored to our students' necessities. You will just need to write what your goals are, and your needs are and we will take care of all the rest while you can relax and wait to start to have practising electronic music. You get to decide:

  • When: during the day, in the evenings, during the week or on weekends;
  • Where: comfortably from your room or in person with your tutor
  • Budget: pick the price range
  • Frequency: how many hours a week 

Who would benefit from this course? 

Our electronic music lessons are right for all those who are interested and are looking for a course that will bring them closer to the world of electronic music. Our music lessons are for all levels and all ages. Just tell us what you’re looking for and what your goals are and we will deliver you the best electronic lessons. This is the right place if you are: 

  • Musician
  • Music producer
  • Beginner
  • Expert who wants to deepen their knowledge in electronic music theory.
  • Lover of music in general

Flexible electronic music lessons: pick the topics you want to focus on

At MusiProf we value the student, and that’s why you will be the one to decide which topics and subjects you want to study according to what you want to learn and get from these classes. Just ask your grind about the topics and start to learn. Here are some examples:

  • The Keyboard Layout, Middle C, and Octaves
  • The Perfect 5th, and being "In Key"
  • More with Keys, The Third, and the Basic Triad
  • Diatonic Chord Progressions & Inversions
  • 7th Chords

What do I need for my Electronic lessons?

If you decide you prefer to take your lessons online, comfortably from your room, you will just need any device equipped with a camera and a microphone. You will need to have a free video conference platform like Zoom or Skype to follow the lesson and be connected to a stable internet connection. While, if you think it’s better for you to meet your music teacher face-to-face you will just need to organize when and where you would like to attend the electronic lessons.

Getting started with Electronic lessons has never been easier with MusiProf

You can’t wait to start your electronic lessons? Just follow these simple steps:

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  2. Tell us what are your necessities
  3. We will match you with the perfect electronic teacher
  4. Start your lessons and get ready to have fun! 

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Truly Knowledgeable Trumpet Instructor Offering Lessons

Joshua S.

Speaks: English

A skilled and in-demand educator, Joshua Symborski currently freelances in Syracuse, NY where he teaches both online and in person. Symborski recently served as a teaching fellow in the role of music director with the Redhouse Arts Center for the Syracuse City School District. Beyond Syracuse, Symborski has taught at many schools across the nation. He's worked with educational institutions kindergarten through college in the production of educational outreach concerts, masterclasses/workshops, and community events. Symborski has performed and assisted with running rehearsals at the State University of New York at Onondaga Community College, The State University of New York at Oswego, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Symborski also gave lessons and led rehearsals as a member of the presidentially honored U.S. Army Bands. As a Private Instructor, Symborski has over 15 years of experience teaching students at all levels and ages. His teaching style is a combination of professional experiences in performance as well as hundreds of books, articles, and thousands of pages/videos, etc. that he's gone through over the years sorting out the absolute best so his students don't have to! He prefers a hybrid learning model blending of his personality and interests with student needs while building confidence, ease, efficiency, and endurance. Symborski demonstrates, coaches, and facilitates self-learning in students by assisting them in developing a video vault where they eventually learn to track progress and teach themselves. RECORDING, ARRANGING & LIVE PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS Netflix movie "Fort Bliss" Lifetime TV series "Coming Home" Performance for President Obama by the U.S. Army Band AMC Band Legacy Album at FAME Studios Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra on National TV at Olympic Park International Trumpet Guild 2016 World Record Fanfare with Doc Severinsen and Arturo Sandoval Collaborations with Andrew Carney, Wynton Marsalis, Paquito D'Rivera, Garrett Miles, Michael Curtis, and Ruben Studdard.

Verified education

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Bachelor's Degree in Arts - Music and History

Sep 2008 - May 2011


My Bachelor's Degree in Arts - Music and History gave me an in-depth understanding of music theory, history, and performance. The program provided me with a solid foundation in music education, which has proven invaluable in my career as a music teacher. During my degree, I gained practical experience in teaching and conducting ensembles, as well as developing lesson plans and educational programs. Additionally, I was able to hone my own musical skills, improving my performance abilities and enhancing my understanding of music theory. As a teacher, my degree has been instrumental in shaping my approach to music education. My training in music theory and history has allowed me to convey complex musical concepts to my students in a clear and engaging manner, while my practical experience in teaching and conducting ensembles has given me the skills to lead and inspire groups of musicians. I have also been able to use my knowledge of lesson planning and program development to design and implement effective educational programs that meet the needs of my students. Overall, degree has given me the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be an effective and passionate music educator.


State University of New York at Fredonia

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Music

Sep 1985 - May 1992

This degree was formative in how I think about music education. I wrote extensively about it a moment ago but the site wouldn't save it. I will retype my thoughts later on my website if you would like to know more. elizabethwilson.ie


Verified work experience

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Melodica music center LLC

Guitar and piano teacher

Oct 2022 - present

Teaching guitar and piano using methods ( ABRSM , Trinity )


Caoimhe Carey

Busker/ Gigs

Sep 2016 - present

I busk regularly on the streets along with pub gigs/ wedding gigs and more.


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Average price: 37.14EUR/h

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Drum tutorship

Mr Adam N.

Throughout my time at BIMM I studied a wide range of styles including Electronic styles e.g. Drum n Bass, Ambient

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