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Are you interested in learning an instrument or maybe you want to improve your knowledge and your skills with your Ukulele? This is a really cool instrument that is really convenient to play at any time! Let me show you how and why you should take your ukulele lessons with us! 

What is Ukulele and in what type of music can I play it? 

Ukulele is like a really small guitar with a smaller body and just 4 strings like the bass. But the notes are higher in a smaller sonic range. It is often used in a lot of genres of music and is more and more included everywhere. 

Is Ukulele hard to learn? 

Ukulele is quite simple to learn due to its smaller neck and its 4 strings. A lot of people start by learning the ukulele before learning the guitar because you can train to pinch the strings and move your fingers just with a guitar but with a small neck. 

How can I take my classes online? 

Learning online can be very convenient because you can find the best teachers without having to leave your house! It is also a big gain of time because to attend your course you only need to open your computer! To meet your teacher and start your lessons online here is what you will need : 

  • A computer 
  • A stable connexion 
  • A camera 
  • A microphone 
  • An app like Zoom or Skype
  • And of course your own Ukulele

What are the benefits of taking my classes with UniProf? 

Our goal in UniProf is to provide you with the best tutors and the best Learning experience possible : 

  • Flexible hours (possibility to take your courses in the evening or on the weekends)
  • Carefully selected grinds 
  • Online or face-to-face courses 
  • Individual or group lessons 
  • Free registration 
  • Easy and secured payment 
  • Personnalized content 
  • And a lot more 

Teachers carefully selected for you 

Our teachers are all selected by our team: we personally check their experience and training to ensure you have the best possible learning experience. Describe your needs to us in detail, and we will find the teacher for you who best suits your requirements. After that, we will put you in touch, and you can arrange to start your lessons.


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Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Nelson Mandela University

Masters of Music Degree (MMus) in Choral and Orchestral Conducting

Feb 2016 - Dec 2017



Higher institute of music

Bachelors degree

Sep 2017 - Jul 2022

Classical guitar and piano as a secondary subject Music theory and sight reading Choir coaching and singing


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


Public Music School Novi Sad

Trombone teacher

Sep 2008 - May 2010

Trombone Teacher


Colegio de Postgraduados

Research technician

Jun 2011 - Dec 2015

I was in charge of isolating, characterizing and testing new bacterial and fungal strains in different crops to find the best growth promoters and the induction of higher crop yield. I wrote reports and did presentation to my supervisor showing periodical results of my research. Furthermore, I actively participated in writing publications for national and international journals, books, and conferences. Other activities consisted of supervising and training undergraduate and graduate students on microbial techniques and health and safety in the laboratory.


Prices online ukulele lessons

The costs of lessons depend on the group size, location and topics.

Average price: 25.64EUR/h

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Qualified Teacher and experienced Musician offering Ukulele lessons.

Michael J E.

My expertise as a ukulele teacher is in helping students develop a strong foundation in chords, strumming patterns, and fingerpicking techniques, while also fostering their creativity and musicality on the instrument. I have experience teaching a variety of musical styles on the ukulele, including blues, folk, pop, and rock. My approach to teaching involves combining traditional ukulele techniques with modern approaches to music theory and improvisation. I have developed my skills as a ukulele teacher through years of performing and recording with various bands, as well as my university studies in musicology and music theory.


3rd Year Music Student offers singing tutoring in ukulele technique and performance

Connell I.

I've been playing music since age 9 and recently began teaching children and young people various different instruments with Music Generation Galway City. As part of this, many of my students have gone from being complete beginners to performing in public in a matter of weeks.

This year I also took part in many of the Galway Ukulele Festival workshops with various players who travel and tour all over the world, sharing the wonderful instrument that the ukulele is. Ukulele is seen as a very approachable instrument, and it is. It can be the doorway to learning guitar, bass, mandolin, pretty much any stringed and strummed instrument which is way it's so much fun to learn!

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