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Do you want to boost your kid's confidence and creativity with some cello lessons? Is your child passionate about music and wants to learn how to play the cello? We have the best solution for you! Here at MusiProf, we guarantee your kids the best cello lessons which are very flexible and tailored to their needs and goals. 

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Finding music lessons that could fit into your schedule has never been easier. You won’t need to worry about fixed timings and schedules anymore! Here at MusiProf, we will build your kid's cello lessons around your family's needs and daily routine. You will just need to tell us what you’re looking for and give us the details about when and where you would prefer your child to attend the lessons. For example, you can tell us on which day you would like to have the lessons, it can be during the morning, in the afternoons, or at night, if you prefer during the week or at the weekends. Plus, you get to pick the price range per hour, and how many hours a week you want your child to follow the cello lessons. 

Pick what’s best for you: online or offline cello lessons 

With MusiProf you have the chance to choose between online and offline lessons. For online classes, which your kid can attend comfortably from your home, you will only need:

  • a computer, a table, a smartphone 
  • a working camera and a microphone
  • Zoom or Skype
  • a stable internet connection will be needed

While, if you prefer for your kid to meet the tutor face-to-face to have a more personal lesson you will just need to arrange when and where with the cello grind. All the teachers are well-trained and prepared, professionally selected by our team by analysing their qualifications and teaching methods. 

Why should your child choose to learn how to play the cello? 

Did you know that learning how to play the cello is great for children’s growth and development? Playing the cello will bring your kid many benefits as improved physical strength and posture. Plus, it improves scholastic abilities and helps children with their scholastic careers. Your kids will deepen their music knowledge and get to choose if there are topics they like best and want to focus on more. You will just need to arrange it with your teacher. Here are some topics the teacher might cover during your kids lessons: 

  • How to hold the cello
  • How to rosin the bow
  • How to hold the bow
  • The names of the cello strings
  • How to read cello music
  • A 2-Octave Scale
  • Repertoire
  • Cello technique
  • Listening and analysis skills
  • Music theory
  • Note-reading
  • Music history
  • Acoustics 
  • …and much more!

Your child can’t wait to start the cello lessons! Sign up for free on the MusiProf website 

Don’t wait any more time. Getting started has never been easier, just follow these few steps:

  1. Register for free on our platform
  2. Tell us what you’re looking for and your child’s needs 
  3. Wait until we match your kid with the right cello grind
  4. Your kid can start and enjoy playing the cello!

Finding a quality teacher has never been this easy!

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After your first trial lesson you can decide whether or not to continue your lessons.

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The costs of lessons depend on the group size, location and topics.

Average price: 37.80EUR/h

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