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Discover the world of soul music with MusiProf with so many topics covered during the lessons

MusiProf offers a wide variety of soul music lessons that will help students discover the rich and diverse world of soul music. From the classic soul sounds of artists like Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder to the contemporary sounds of artists like D'Angelo and Solange, our lessons cover a wide range of styles and genres. Our lessons will help students learn about the history of soul music, the key artists and songs that have defined the genre, and the techniques and skills needed to play and sing soul music. 

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Soul singing lessons

Soul music is a genre of popular music that originated in the African American community in the 1950s and 1960s. It is characterized by its emotive lyrics, gospel-inspired harmonies, and a strong emphasis on the voice. When taking soul singing lessons, it is important to find a qualified grind who can teach proper techniques, including:

  • Breath control: It is important to take in enough air to support the sound and to exhale smoothly and evenly. The use of the diaphragm, rather than the chest, is essential for proper breathing technique.
  • Pitch control: It is important to warm up the voice before singing, to use proper posture, and to practice proper vowel formation. The use of vibrato and other vocal techniques can also affect the sound of the voice.
  • phrasing: including how to shape the melody, how to use dynamics and how to use silence and space in a song.
  • stage presence
  • performance skills
  • …and much more! 

Practice is also essential for improving one's soul singing. It is important to practice regularly, ideally daily, and to practice a variety of exercises and songs. It is also important to listen to recordings of other soul singers to get an idea of different styles and techniques.

Online and Offline lessons are available according to your needs

MusiProf offers both online and offline lessons, giving students the flexibility to learn in a way that works best for them. Online lessons are conducted over video conferencing and are perfect for students who prefer the convenience and flexibility of learning from home. You will just need:

  • a device connected to a stable internet connection (smartphone, tablet, computer)
  • a camera
  • a microphone
  • platforms such as Skype or Zoom

Offline lessons are conducted in person and are ideal for students who prefer the traditional classroom setting.

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