Ukulele lessons for kids

Do you want that your child learns to play an instrument? Or is your kid asking you to bring him to ukulele lessons? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Learning how to play the ukulele is great for children and their parents as it brings several advantages. Here at MusiProf, we guarantee great quality lessons and registration is free

Flexible lessons personalized to your kid's needs

At MusiProf we take care of our students and we will do our best to deliver the most suitable ukulele lessons to your kids. As everything is personalized, you will just have to communicate to us what you want to get out of these lessons and we will match you with the right ukulele grind that will create a tailored made music course. It is important to us to offer you flexibility: in the hectic life, we live it is often difficult to match all the daily tasks of you and your child. In addition, traditional music schools often offer courses with fixed days and times, which do not coincide with our daily routine. That’s why MusiProf gives you the opportunity to choose when and where to take your child’s music course, making you decide:

  • When: during the day, in the evenings, on weekends or during the week;
  • Weekly attendance: how many hours a week? 
  • Where: offline or online

Online or in-person lessons: you decide what’s best for your kid

At MusiProf we provide flexible and tailored lessons that best suit the parents’ and the kids’ routines. Therefore, you will be the one to decide whether you prefer online or offline lessons. If you prefer your kids to attend classes comfortably from their room, you will just need any device equipped with a camera, a microphone and a stable internet connection. Lessons will be held on free platforms such as Zoom and Skype. While if you prefer to meet the ukulele grind face-to-face to have a more direct approach, you will just need to arrange where and when with the tutor and have fun! 

What will my child learn from these ukulele lessons? 

Learning how to play the ukulele will bring many benefits. The instrument is small and fairly easy to play. They can travel anywhere with their ukulele. Children can pick up a few chords and sing dozens of songs with them in just a few weeks. The Ukulele in particular will bring many benefits as it’s beginner friendly and increases children’s focus and discipline. The lessons can be structured in different ways according to your needs. Here is an example:

  • Introduction to the Ukulele
  • Tuning Help
  • Five Little Ducks
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • Reading Chord Charts
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Rockabye Baby
  • New Strumming Techniques
  • The Pluck Strum
  • Tips for Moving Forward

Start now your ukulele lesson and have fun!

Your child can’t wait to start his ukulele lessons, so don’t wait any longer…just follow this simple guide:

  1. Sign up for free on the MusiProf platform
  2. Write us all your needs 
  3. Wait until we match your child with the most suitable ukulele grind
  4. Start your lesson and have fun!

Finding a quality teacher has never been this easy!

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Verified work experience

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Everest School of Music

Music Teacher

Feb 2015 - Dec 2018

Teacher of Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele and Music Theory. Responsibilities: RIAM, RSL, Junior and Leaving Certificate music exam preparation.




Mar 2020 - present

I am a teacher of both classical and jazz music, in clarinet and saxophone and theory of music for this international school of music.


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