Piano lessons for children with a professional teacher

This instrument has been invented at the beginning of the 18th century and has become famous very fast. It is still an instrument really appreciated nowadays as it is one of the instruments that are the most learned in the world. You want your kids to learn to play piano, but you don't know how to play it yourself? MusiProf is the solution for you, we will find the teacher that will be perfect for your children.

Personalize the lesson with your own criteria

For your children, you always want the best, and so do we. This is why we ask you for your own criteria to choose the perfect piano teacher:

  • Your budget: no matter if you have a big budget or not, we will be able to find a teacher that you like.
  • Your expectations: you want to prepare your child to get in a music academy because he wants to become a musician, you want to make him more creative, the teacher will adapt.
  • Your level: beginner or confirmed player, he will know how to help your child to play better.
  • Your schedule: in the morning, in the afternoon, during the week or the weekend, we will find a teacher that can give classes to your kid when he is available

What the piano teacher will teach to your kids

To play piano correctly, practising is the most important, the teacher will give theoretical or practical exercise to his students. He will also give some of his own tips:

  • How to get more suppleness
  • How to coordinate the two hands
  • How to read a music score
  • How to play without a music score
  • ... And so many other advice

Lessons online or face to face, you choose

On MusiProf, you have the choice between 2 options to learn to play an instrument. You can choose the one that you find more comfortable for your kids.

  • Online lessons: you don't have to go to the music school and your child still have access to personalized lessons. Your child can feel more comfortable learning at home.
  • Face to face lessons: you can chose to meet the teacher in person, so your child have more concentration than at home.

Choose the type of piano your kids on which will play

When you think of a piano, you always think first of the classic one, but did you know that there are many types of piano? You can choose in this non-exhaustive list the piano that is the more appropriate for the learning of your child:

  • Upright Piano
  • Baby Grand Piano
  • Concert Grand Piano
  • Square Grand Piano
  • Digital Piano
  • Spinet
  • Etc...

Thanks to MusiProf, start your piano lessons as soon as possible

To start your children's classes, you must follow these 3 steps:

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  2. We find your teacher in a few days
  3. Plan your first lesson with the perfect teacher

Finding a quality teacher has never been this easy!

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2. Choose between private lessons or join a group

You can join an existing learning group on your level or get a tailored lesson plan.

3. Start your lessons

After your first trial lesson you can decide whether or not to continue your lessons.

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Conservatorio Santa Cecilia (Roma), London College of Music (TD)

Diploma classical guitar

Jul 1992 - present

Classical Guitar repertorie and ukulele syllabus


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


Rockwell Music Academy

Guitar Teacher

Sep 2022 - present

I teacher guitar to a variety of different students, young and old


Muzicka skola Mihailo Vukdragovic

Piano teacher

Sep 2021 - present

My job entails individual piano lessons to students of all ages and levels.


Prices Piano classes for children

The costs of lessons depend on the group size, location and topics.

Average price: 36.41EUR/h

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