Saxophone lessons with a professional teacher

You love music, and you would like to learn to play an instrument? You are on the right platform. With MusiProf, you can learn to play saxophone with a professional teacher that we choose for you, according to your own expectations. Learning to play saxophone may seem difficult, but with the help of your teacher you will overcome any difficulties.

Is saxophone a difficult instrument to learn to play?

In order for you to play saxophone well, you will need a lot of practice, because saxophone is not an easy instrument to play, it is true. However, with motivation and patience, you can get great results and become a great player. To create good music faster, you can take lessons with a professional saxophone player and he/she will make the process of learning easier for you.

Saxophone classes for every type of students

Learning to play an instrument should be for everyone, this is why on MusiProf we want you to feel comfortable to ask us for classes, whatever your profile is:

  • You are a beginner that never played an instrument.
  • You already play an instrument, but you want to discover the saxophone.
  • You already have bases, and you want to be a better player.
  • You already have a pretty good level of saxophone, and you want to get in a music academy.

Your saxophone classes with MusiProf will match your expectations

When our team looks for your teacher, our objective is to find the one that is the best for you. This is why we will ask about your needs and your expectations, so we will be sure that you will be happy to have classes with your new teacher, here are some criteria for you:

  • Your availability: in the morning, in the afternoon, at the end of the day... We will find a teacher that is available when you are!
  • Your level: you have a beginner, confirmed or expert level? Your teacher will adapt the class to your level and help you improve.
  • Your budget: you don't have much money to spend for your saxophone lessons, don't worry, we will be able to find the perfect teacher for you.

Why should you take saxophone lessons?

Even though you can learn alone, taking lessons to learn to play an instrument with a teacher is always better for you. By taking lessons, you can have a real feedback about your way of playing and your teacher can correct the mistakes you are doing. He/She will also give you tips and make you sound better.

He/She will teach you about:

  • The correct way to blow in the instrument
  • Assembling the different parts of the instrument correctly and taking care of it
  • Music theory
  • Feeling the rhythm
  • ... And will give you so many other important advice.

 Online or in person classes? The choice is yours

It is really different to take lessons online or in person. The two options are advantageous in their own way and both provide classes of the highest quality:

  • Online: you won't have to commute, and you will only need a webcam, a microphone, a good internet connection and a computer with Skype or Zoom.
  • In person: your professor can give a look in real life at your mistakes, so he/she can give you a constant feedback.

Begin now your music classes with MusiProf

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Mr Ezekiel O.

Speaks: English

I'm a Musicologist, I graduated from University of Lagos, Nigeria. I can teach virtually all the musical instruments in this world. I am the Principal Consultant of Dalsegno Music International. An independent, registered music institution in Nigeria. Dalsegno provides excellent music service to the world.

Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.




Dec 2020 - Aug 2021

I worked as an English teacher for 8 months. I had groups of six students, each of them in different English level. I planned weekly workshops for 15 to 20 students, to improve their grammar, listening, talking, and reading skills. I also trained final level students to present the certification exams (i.e., TOEFL).


Ballybay Community College

Substitute teacher

Jan 2022 - Mar 2022

Teaching students music through practical and theory work.


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The costs of our lessons depends on the group size, location and topics.

Average price: 30.67 EUR/h

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