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Blues guitar isn't hard to learn, but it's hard to master. Beginners can learn basic blues shuffling in a few weeks, while playing a blues song with soul and passion can take years. The reason blues is a good style for beginners to learn to play guitar is that it is an easy style of music to learn. Some tips you can use for practice:

  • Learn a basic blues shuffle.
  • Practice playing the shuffle along with a drum machine or backing track.
  • Learn some simple blues guitar licks.
  • Practice playing those licks over a backing track.
  • Pick an easy blues song and start learning it from start to finish.

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Trinity College London

LTCL Performance Diploma

May 2004 - present

Fantastic institution.


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Self employed


Jan 2017 - present

Teaching music theory, guitar lessons, drum lessons and ukulele lessons



Vocal and Songwriting Coach

Jun 2021 - present

I teach vocals and songwriting as a therapeutic, holistic process, where my students learn techniques and practical tools that help them hone their craft, but also work through psychological blockages that make them into greater artists.


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learn technique that can be applied to any genre or to be especially applied to blues

Ms Faustina O.

I performed jazz and blues while in college and studied it part time in my final year of college while also training in classical/opera style. While in college I became part of a jazz and blues society that involved performing twice a month to the public. This brought me great joy and also allowed me to enhance my experience in performing more than one genre while completing my studies.



Tommy B.

Many years of experience playing blues in pub bands around Ireland, such as Johnny B and the Boogie Men


Singing and playing the blues

Linford W.

Blues is the bedrock of popular music from the last century. I have knowledge of the blues from Robert Johnson to The Rolling Stones.

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